A strange creature
approaches you

Scruffy looking dog

It's wearing a clip-on tie. Looks kinda tired but smiles at you regardless.

It seems excited to see you, and beckons for you to visit a tiny kennel down by the side of the road. Compelled by your curiosity, you choose to follow this weird dog.

You peer inside the kennel

It looks surprisingly neat inside. You bend to a crouch because the ceiling is quite low, but for a small little space it looks quite cozy. On the left, there's a refurbished CRT monitor with it's tower on the floor. For a moment you wonder where it gets its electricity from but the dog let out a reassuring bark so you guess it's all good. Little diskettes are scattered next to the computer. It looks like there are small games inside them.


A mix between an action adventure board game and those old choose your own adventure books. You play as a lost traveller in an underground dungeon riddled with lizards you have to fight, puzzles you can solve, and plenty of items you can pick up.

Super Giant Robot Cat Assembly

A quick time attack game. A fictional robot cat war has descended and you are tasked in an assembly line to create as many giant robot cats as your tiny non-paw fingers can handle.

Iron Ferret

A small top down action shooter in the style reminiscent of the old gameboy days. A pet ferret is tasked with driving back a small tank safely, but other machines in the lab does not approve.

On your right is a tiny make shift desk

The surface is unkept with pieces of oddments and scattered diskettes thrown around carelessly. The labels of the diskettes have faded quite a bit but you could still make out some of the titles.