Unbeknownst to the visitor

They have stumbled not upon a shoppe for making adorable neck wears for canine companions, but a home for an illustration artist and games developer. Compelled by their curiosity they chose to explore further into this strange room even if only for a minute.

- Games -

Scattered along the floor are small game parts and broken codes. Slightly more presentable pieces are arranged on shelves.

- Commissions -

On a wall hangs a poster with characters dressed in very dated clothes of an improbable era. There is a call to action at the bottom.

- Illustrations -

An old projector endlessly shows slides of what looks like various personal illustrations.

- Webcomic -

A tiny picture frame gallery, it looks like a comic about a shy aardwolf.

- Blog -

A dusty heavy book lay on the table, it contains possible ramblings.

Outside the window

A cobble stoned pathway can be seen leading towards a small lively township in the distance. Over there travelling merchants show off their various wares and among them are galleries of this peculiar person's work.